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CCC A covid tale 3_21_21.pdf
I explain how I filled my time building questionnaires to address police brutality and employee embezzlement when my diagnostic contracts with the government were frozen.

A Carleton Welcome to the Class of 2024-lmljn0FgS84.mp4
The journey of a new student is just beginning. Hear from the President, the Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students, the Carleton Student Association (CSA) President, and others for a true Carleton welcome. Topics will include details…

Anastasia Positives.mp4
Clips for Carleton Students from Afar Exhibit

This article addresses both young children's and parents' frustrations with online learning, featuring a five-year old boy crying at his computer while trying to do school work.

I saw this sign attached to the back of a plane while on a beach in Avalon, New Jersey during vacation. The sign encouraged social distancing, kindness, and mask wearing.

Distance Friday Flowers-NR_ZzqFTSl4.mp4
A video about Carleton's tradition of Friday flowers, which was unable to happen due to remote learning. In the video, Carleton students, staff, and alumni shared Friday flowers in other ways. Original Youtube link:…

Collection of window signs at the Rare Pair clothing store in Northfield, MN urging people to wear masks.

This sign, located outside of Edward's Hospital in Naperville, Illinois, thanks medical staff and first responders for all their tireless work and dedication.
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