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These videos show how empty the airports and planes were during this student's travel back to Oman.

Travel Interview.pdf
This interview touches on difficulties travelling internationally during the pandemic and the strain it puts on families attempting to reunite.

Located throughout the facilities, these posters detail the hospital's commitment to protecting individuals through screening, preventative measures, and social distancing. In addition, there were signs near the elevators, encouraging less people to…

Maverick Swim Club released these guidelines for returning to the pool and practicing starting June 2020. In this document, the club team lays out measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, applying to both the coaches and swimmers. These protocols…

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The first picture is of my childhood friend and I going on a walk and staying 6 feet apart from each other :( it's really hard to not get to hug her.

The second picture is of my fellow housemates of WHOA house having a house meeting to check in…

Signage outside the Andes Fire Department, listing a number of COVID-19-related precautions to be taken by the public.

Farm Newsletter.pdf
New Market Farm's Weekly newsletter describing updates and delivery process for produce.

CDC guidelines posted on door of Martin's Addition Township government headquarters.

Signage created by Montgomery County (Maryland) on measures to take to prevent transmission of COVID-19
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