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An account of the pandemic by a Carleton staff member, including the anxieties and worries the pandemic has produced in everyday activities.

An account by a Carleton staff member on how the pandemic has changed different aspects of life.

Photo Descriptions: Registrar's Office July 31, 2020 (with winter decorations still up). Playing with Strangers from NY in Mexico 2 weeks before lockdown.

An account by a Carleton staff member on the pandemic's impact on work, and the benefits and challenges of remote work.

A written account by a Carleton staff person about the impacts of the pandemic on his work, health, and daily life.

A short essay about how much is lost from "the residential liberal arts college" experience when we're not there for it.

My Mom Passed Away During the Covid 19 Pandemic-2.pdf
An experience of death at a hospital and in association with a senior living community during the pandemic.

Written Story.pdf
This is a brief written story about Sue's experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

(She/Her/Hers/class of 2022/Linguistics/ Beijing, China/ Beijing, China)

"A few days ago I was walking around campus with a friend, one of my closest friends freshman year who has remained a good friend, one last time before she moved home. We'd been sitting behind Evans looking out at Bell Field and talking. As we were…
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