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These videos show how empty the airports and planes were during this student's travel back to Oman.

Travel Interview.pdf
This interview touches on difficulties travelling internationally during the pandemic and the strain it puts on families attempting to reunite.

Influenza Updates - May 1, 2009
In response to the H1N1 outbreak, Carleton maintained a set of pages on their website dedicated to the flu and keeping the campus community informed.

Walt Interview_Video.mp4
This is an interview with Walt Li who first moved into an Airbnb next to St Olaf and then spent the next part of the term in an apartment in Northfield.
(He/Him/His/class of 2022/Psychology/Guangzhou, China/Northfield, Minnesota) 

An email to the Carleton community announcing that all of Spring Term 2020 would be conducted remotely, and that Commencement and Reunion would not take place on campus.

An email announcement sent to faculty, staff, and students informing them that the college would have remote instruction for at least the first half of Spring Term 2020.

An email to Carleton faculty and staff following up on the previous day's email on the possibility of quarantining following travel.
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