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I saw this sign attached to the back of a plane while on a beach in Avalon, New Jersey during vacation. The sign encouraged social distancing, kindness, and mask wearing.

I created this sign and brought it to two protests in Naperville, Illinois, demanding change and police reform after the killing of George Floyd and so many others at the hands of the police.

On my vacation in Avalon, New Jersey, I found many signs requiring masks and social distancing, often in creative ways.
1. Sign depicting social distancing by equivocating six feet to the length of a dolphin.
2. Sign requiring masks outside of…

Signs outside and inside rest stations in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania requiring masks and social distancing.

Poster providing information to staff on ways to ensure they stay safe and comfortable while working from home. It discusses setting up a workstation, posture, taking breaks, and more. The document was linked from the Wellness Tips for Remote Work…

This sign located in a neighborhood swimming facility in Darien, Illinois urges people to wear masks by celebrating those who are doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

A draft poster providing information on how to properly wear a face mask, and the reasons for wearing them. The document was linked from the July 13, 2020 Weekly Update.

Sign explaining the process for weekly food pick-up options from New Morning Farm, a farm near Chevy Chase, MD that has been having contactless farmers' markets since the pandemic began.

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Collection of window signs at the Rare Pair clothing store in Northfield, MN urging people to wear masks.

Homemade sign in front of a Chevy Chase, MD home thanking teachers for their work during the pandemic
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