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Instructions for faculty and staff on using the symptom tracker for all days they are on campus.

This newsletter includes all the weekly articles published by The Carletonian. While the newsletter says November 7, it is in fact the November 15 newsletter. File includes newsletter and full articles. Found online at:…

An account of the pandemic by a Carleton staff member, including the anxieties and worries the pandemic has produced in everyday activities.

An account by a Carleton staff member on how the pandemic has changed different aspects of life.

Photo Descriptions: Registrar's Office July 31, 2020 (with winter decorations still up). Playing with Strangers from NY in Mexico 2 weeks before lockdown.

An account by a Carleton staff member on the pandemic's impact on work, and the benefits and challenges of remote work.

A written account by a Carleton staff person about the impacts of the pandemic on his work, health, and daily life.

RockLab Introduction-bM5dRUzw2wA.mp4
An example of a welcome video for an online course. Video linked from Tools and Software, Resilient Pedagogy.

Welcome Video Tips and Templates_2020.pdf
This document provides suggestions for faculty creating a video welcoming students to the course, including what to include and tips for filming. Document linked from Tools and Software, Resilient Pedagogy.
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