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Religion Professor Sonja Anderson posted on a Carleton buy and sell email list advertising unused chalkboard contact paper. After questions about her teaching set up for remote teaching, she sent another message describing how she set up her teaching…

Technical Support for Online Learning.png
A page on the ITS site providing resources for students with online learning. It includes information on video calls, Moodle, accounts, collaboration and more.

Work Resources for COVID-19.png
A general page for staff working remotely with information about remote work and links to other resources while working remotely.

Covid Support Remote Work-ITS.png
Resources and links on Carleton's ITS website to help with working, teaching, and learning remotely.

Suggestions and information about support available to faculty and staff as they work and teach from home. The page includes information on equipment and software, wifi and security, and more.

One of the pages on Resilient Pedagogy, this page discusses the go-to tools all faculty should feel comfortable with for online teaching.

In a guest blog post, History and American Studies Professor Meredith McCoy discusses her use of reading partners in her class to foster connections between students.

Intro Video.mp4
This is the introduction video for the Carleton Students From Afar project.

Still Shot.jpg
Still from the introduction video for the Carleton Students From Afar, featuring various clips from the synchronous interviews

1. The crowd at the Fargo, ND BLM protests a few friends and I attended. It was hard to be away from the Twin Cities during the last two weeks of the term after the killing of George Floyd and the ensuing wave of police brutality.

2. The…
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