Transition to Online Education Exhibit Items

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Transition to Online Education Exhibit Items


Clips for Carleton Students from Afar Exhibit


Marcella Lees, Clara Posner, Miyuki Mihira


Marcella Lees




Audio or Video Material


Flexibility/Patience, Interview, Loneliness/Separation, Reflection, Virtual Learning, Zoom/Facetime


Bryn Be Kind to Self .mp4; Dan Online Education.mp4; Dasha Online Education.mp4; Grace Online Education.MOV; Gray Educational Experience.mp4; Hisui Online Education -Long Cut.mp4; Hisui Online Education-Short Cut.mp4; Indigo Online Classes.mp4; Isla Online Classes.mp4; Jeremiah Online Classes.mp4; Joey Online Education.mp4; Josh Online Education.mp4; Keyra Educational Experience.mp4; Lucas Missing Social.mp4; Max Online Education.mp4; Maya Online Classes.mp4; McKenna Online Classes.mp4; Nicole Online Education.mp4; Palina Online Classes.mp4; Palina Online Education-Short Cut.mp4; Quincy Online Education.mp4; Shaw Online Education.mp4; Skyelar Online Education.mp4; Zaya Online Classes-Sculpture.mp4; Zaya Online Education-Short Cut.mp4

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Bryn Be Kind to Self .mp4
Dan Online Education.mp4
Dasha Online Education.mp4
Grace Online Education.MOV
Gray Educational Experience.mp4
Hisui Online Education -Long Cut.mp4
Hisui Online Education-Short Cut.mp4
Indigo Online Classes.mp4
Isla Online Classes.mp4
Jeremiah Online Classes.mp4
Joey Online Education.mp4
Josh Online Education.mp4
Keyra Educational Experience.mp4
Lucas Missing Social.mp4
Max Online Education.mp4
Maya Online Classes.mp4
McKenna Online Classes.mp4
Nicole Online Education.mp4
Palina Online Classes.mp4
Palina Online Education-Short Cut.mp4
Quincy Online Education.mp4
Shaw Online Education.mp4
Skyelar Online Education.mp4
Zaya Online Classes-Sculpture.mp4
Zaya Online Education-Short Cut.mp4


Marcella Lees, Clara Posner, Miyuki Mihira, “Transition to Online Education Exhibit Items,” Carleton Covid-19 Archive, accessed June 21, 2024,

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