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Historic Pandemics at Carleton: H1N1


An examination of the reponse of Carleton College to the H1N1 pandemic of 2009.

Belonging and Solidarity

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The goal of this exhibit is to capture how belonging and solidarity within the Carleton community and the broader world were impacted by the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Each member of the group initially started with a particular area in mind which they tried to concentrate on gathering their items from. This exhibit is trying to capture these individuals' stories and show how these stories and images display a sense of belonging and solidarity, however, these items also show strangeness has evolved and destroyed some individual's sense of belonging as well as a limiting sense of solidarity. 

Generational Disparities and Social Inequities During the Pandemic

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Our exhibit engages in the issues and disparity of experiences along generational lines, with particular emphasis on children, elders, and schools and communities. While news stories at the outset of the pandemic often highlighted tropes of endangered and isolated seniors and elders, while pointing to children or young adults as unwarry, or even dismissive Coronavirus spreaders, this disease has affected people of all ages and we set out to preserve this full range of impacts in our collection.