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CCC A covid tale 3_21_21.pdf
I explain how I filled my time building questionnaires to address police brutality and employee embezzlement when my diagnostic contracts with the government were frozen.

Virtual Opening Convocation 2020-KGLS7AWcaWk.mp4
Although we are not able to gather in person this year, we nonetheless mark this signal occasion as we begin a new academic year. A virtual Opening Convocation will be presented on the first day of classes (Monday, September 14) at 12:30 p.m. Central…

A Carleton Welcome to the Class of 2024-lmljn0FgS84.mp4
The journey of a new student is just beginning. Hear from the President, the Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students, the Carleton Student Association (CSA) President, and others for a true Carleton welcome. Topics will include details…

A written account by a Carleton staff person about the impacts of the pandemic on his work, health, and daily life.

A sign seen in a Subway in Pierre, SD apologizing to customers for being out of certain things due to covid.

A LTC blog post walking through the design of an online fall course using techniques of resilient pedagogy. Blog post linked from Course Design, Resilient Pedagogy.

This LTC blog post discusses the challenges of teaching during the pandemic, and how to take into account the stresses students face. Blog linked from Course Design, Resilient Pedagogy.

Online social contract -- 2020.pdf
A document from the LTC to help faculty think through the creation of a social contract for learning that is not face-to-face, in order to establish clear expectations with students. Document linked from Course Design, Resilient Pedagogy.
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