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Religion Professor Sonja Anderson posted on a Carleton buy and sell email list advertising unused chalkboard contact paper. After questions about her teaching set up for remote teaching, she sent another message describing how she set up her teaching…

This page on the ITS website contains information on what computer labs will be available for student use during the fall, and the adjusted capacities for them. In addition, it discusses REMOTELAB, which allows students to access specialized campus…

A document with suggestions to stay healthy and sane while working remotely. It discusses ways to create a designated workstation, how to try to prevent isolation, and more. It was linked from Wellness Tips for Remote Workers on the Human Resources…

A presentation from Jessica Ogren of Paradigm Complex Care Solutions to Carleton staff about ergonomics for working from home and on site. The presentation slides were linked from Wellness Tips For Remote Work on the Human Resources site.

Poster providing information to staff on ways to ensure they stay safe and comfortable while working from home. It discusses setting up a workstation, posture, taking breaks, and more. The document was linked from the Wellness Tips for Remote Work…

This document provides advice for supervisors on engaging their staff during the pandemic. It discusses the importance of communication, being supportive and flexible, and being clear. The document was linked from Tips for Supervisors on the Human…

Advice for staff from Human Resources about making remote meetings more effective. The document discusses technology, planning, and facilitation. The document was linked on the Tips for Supervisors page on the Human Resources site.

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A page on the ITS site providing resources for students with online learning. It includes information on video calls, Moodle, accounts, collaboration and more.

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A general page for staff working remotely with information about remote work and links to other resources while working remotely.

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Resources and links on Carleton's ITS website to help with working, teaching, and learning remotely.
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