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A page with resources to help faculty think about course design for resilient courses.

This newsletter includes all the weekly articles published by The Carletonian, as well as a few features geared towards the fact that the majority of Carls are off-campus. File includes newsletter and full articles. Found online at:…

A) I’ve taken a lot of selfies with masks because I’ve been wearing them a lot.
B) I’ve been documenting my hair growth, which I find fun.
C) Zoom calls are such a big thing now and my favorite one was the Disability Services/OHP Caturday event.…

Continuing Student Learning at Home YT gov April 22.pdf
A letter from the Government of Yukon offering ideas, resources, and potential lessons for students and families to continue education during school closures. The letter offers numerous ideas for students of all ages, including on-line resources, and…

Minnesota State Academies Distance Learning Plan.pdf
A plan put out by the Minnesota State Academies for the Deaf and the Blind that details how distance learning will be implemented for students in the first month of school closures. It highlights ways in which the schools will work to continue to…

Making Masks.pdf
Mary Allen, of North Carolina, recounts what its like to go from providing care, to being unable to do so, to giving out homemade masks.
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