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Raven Interview.mp3
This is an interview with Raven McIntosh who lived with her family in Houston, Texas for the entire term.

(She/Her/Hers/class of 2020/Sociology and Anthropology/Houston, TX/Houston, TX)

Andrew Farias Interview-3.m4v
This is an interview with Andrew Farias who remained on campus for the entire term.

(He/Him/His/class of 2021/Environmental Studies and Political Science/Houston, TX/Northfield, Minnesota)

1. Zoom video call CSA meetings
2. Flowers in each campus mailbox
3. Zoom lectures
4. FaceTime with roommates
5. My new work space, the kitchen table
6. Empty bowls without my best friend, so I drew her in
7. Missing my siblings
8. FaceTiming…

"This photo is of the hat that represents the small pleasures I've found that help me get through this trying time. I put my oversized yee-haw hat on and all my troubles and concerns simply melt away. At that moment, I'm no longer as worried about…

Quarantalk (1).pdf
Bryn described the following poem as being "inspired by all of the quirks and frustrations I've been running into during my many conversations over the phone as well as the language/phrases that are unique to this method of communication that we're…

Darius Interview Video-13.m4v
This is an interview with Darius Goodman who lived with his family in Houston, Texas for the entire term.
(He/Him/His/class of 2023/Undecided/Houston, TX/Houston, TX) 
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