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Travel Interview.pdf
This is a transcription of an interview with Serena Lee. It touches on difficulties travelling internationally during the pandemic and the strain it puts on families attempting to reunite.

Quarantalk (1).pdf
Bryn described the following poem as being "inspired by all of the quirks and frustrations I've been running into during my many conversations over the phone as well as the language/phrases that are unique to this method of communication that we're…

Interview-Shinsuke Adachi.pdf
This is a transcription of an interview with Shinsuke Adachi, a Carleton student from Japan. In this interview, Shinsuke Adachi explains their difficulty remaining concentrated and motivated while taking online classes while staying in Tokyo.

Janie Sparks said "I've just been trying to make everything I come across. Most of them work out, but some of them are flops. I doesn't matter if i like 'em or not though, it's about filling time."

Brooklyne Hurley, age 22, has found COVID-19 to cause a lot of reflection for her. When asked how she was entertaining herself, she said "I've mostly just been painting." The piece featured above was inspired by Brooklyne wondering "what would life…
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