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Katie Taylor Video-30.m4v
This is an interview with Katie Taylor who spent the entire term living in a cabin in Winthrop, Washington.

(She/Her/Hers/class of 2022/Chemistry/Arlington, WA/Mostly Winthrop, WA)

"I came home on the 17th of March, spent one night in my childhood home, and I immediately drove to Eastern Washington, where I've been staying at my parents cabin. The cabin is on a sixteen acre plot, so it's safe to say that I did not see a lot of…

Written Story.pdf
This is a brief written story about Raven's experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

(He/Him/His/class of 2022/Physics/Leavenworth, WA /Leavenworth, WA)

Raven D. Interview Video-42.m4v
This is an interview with Raven Dawson who lived with his family in Leavenworth, Washington for the entire term.
(He/Him/His/class of 2022/Physics/Leavenworth, WA /Leavenworth, WA)  

Palina Interview Video(E)-40.m4v
This is an interview with Palina Buchanan who lived with her roommate in Charlotte, North Carolina.
(She/Her/Hers/class of 2022/Music & American Studies/ Stanwood, WA/Charlotte, NC)

William Interview Video-52.m4v
This is an interview with William Dudarov who remained on campus for the first part of the term and then drove 26 hours back to his home in Everett, Washington.
(He/Him/His/class of 2022/Mathematics & Computer Science/Everett, WA/Northfield, MN and…

Interview-Carleton Student On Campus.pdf
A current Carleton student tells their experience of living on campus.
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