Katie Taylor - Quarantine in a Cabin

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Katie Taylor - Quarantine in a Cabin


"I came home on the 17th of March, spent one night in my childhood home, and I immediately drove to Eastern Washington, where I've been staying at my parents cabin. The cabin is on a sixteen acre plot, so it's safe to say that I did not see a lot of people outside my family for a while. I am undoubtedly incredibly lucky to live in the area. I can run on the trail systems in my neighborhood every day, and I have never had to worry about seeing other people. It feels super weird to live in that house for the spring, but my life would not be that different if I randomly decided to take all of my classes (without quarantine). My parents spend about three days a week at the cabin, and my brother lived with me for the first half of the term, but I spent the last two work weeks living alone. It's beautiful, but it's also very quiet."

(She/Her/Hers/class of 2022/Chemistry/Arlington, WA/Mostly Winthrop, WA)


Katie Taylor and Miyuki Mihira


Miyuki Mihira


May 28, 2020






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