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A column from the Juneau Empire, Juneau, AK, entitled “Dad’s recipe for Mother’s Day breakfast: pandemic edition” offers a humorous portrayal of family dynamics during the Covid-19 shutdown.

Daniel Quintero, age 23, has found a lot of positives within the COVID-19 pandemic. He was optimistic during the interview and emphasized the value he's found living on a farm.
"I think if this hadn't happened, I wouldn't be able to be living on a…

Homer Public Library Radio Storytime Schedule.pdf
A schedule for a weekly library story time from the Homer Public Library, Homer, AK, delivered over the radio in lieu of in-person story time. The program is broadcast on KBBI, Homer’s public radio station, in a weekly one-hour program of stories,…

South Carolina Public Television Modified Broadcast Schedual.pdf
A broadcast schedule from South Carolina Educational Television (ETV,) the state’s Public Broadcasting Service station for the week of April 20-24, 2020 that outlines programming for different age groups and both state and national programming.…

Talking and Sharing with Kids and Families on Covid-19 YT gov.pdf
A letter from the government of the Yukon to families outlining ways for them to speak to children and cope with both the medical and emotional needs of Covid-19. It offers ideas and techniques for normalizing lives and homeschooling students of…

teachers perspective.pdf
Amanda Keen, a teacher in rural WV, shares her experiences with COVID-19 and how it has impacted her family.

Isabella Hurley, age 19, has found both a new hobby and a new means of coping through terrarium creation. When I spoke to her about it, she said "it's like building a little planet. I get so caught up in planning each detail and arranging them, that…

A June 2 article from the Juneau Empire entitles “Regents considering several options for university system restructuring.” This article describes the financial straits of the University of Alaska system, greatly exacerbated by Covid-19 and its…

Janie Sparks said "I've just been trying to make everything I come across. Most of them work out, but some of them are flops. I doesn't matter if i like 'em or not though, it's about filling time."
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