The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian | June 6

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The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian | June 6


This newsletter includes all the weekly articles published by The Carletonian, as well as a few features geared towards the fact that the majority of Carls are off-campus. File includes newsletter and full articles. Found online at:

"I'm not someone who likes to sit down": Carls across the country share experience participating in current protests. By Ellie Zimmerman, Zoe Pharo and Sam Kwait-Spitzer
Carls and Coronavirus: How the NCAA's response to COVID-19 could affect Carlteon athletes' plans. By Jacob Smith
Retiring prof. Mark Hansell looks back on 31 years at Carleton. By Helena Lee and Charlotte Nahley
"It felt imaginary": Visitng professor Michael Ebner teaches first Carleton term via Zoom. By Ryan Flanagan
Theatre in a pandemic: Q&A with Don Zolidis '97. By Colleen Scallen
An imposter no longer. By Ross Matican, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
The art of being tired. By Sarah Liberman, Editor-in-Chief Emerita
The reckoning: reflections from former CSA president. By Anesu Masakura
The year of _____: Reflections on vulnerability, memory and closure. By Hiba Jama
Which house? On friendship and beloning at Carleton. By Yoni Rekem
We can never return to normal. By August Lindgren-Ruby
From YSER to ERA: Sophia Maymudes '20 discusses the art of crossword construction. By Sophia Maymudes
Who's laughing at us? By Will Bausch
Local student starts speaking at the same time as another student. By Katy Gilbertson


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The Carletonian, “The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian | June 6,” Carleton Covid-19 Archive, accessed February 25, 2024,

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