The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian | May 31

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The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian | May 31


This newsletter includes all the weekly articles published by The Carletonian, as well as a few features geared towards the fact that the majority of Carls are off-campus. File includes newsletter and full articles. Found online at:

Letter from the Editors. Written by Ellie Zimmerman, Katy Gilbertson, and Sam Kwait-Spitzer on behalf of the Carletonian editorial staff
Student-lef email campaign says silence won't be tolerated. By Grace Rubin
Betsy DeVos finalizes new Title IX regulations that prioritize the accused. By Natalie Sainz
OHP post about "Zoom exhaustion" reaches 2.7 million Facebook users, viewed in UK, Singapore, New Zealand. By Katy Gilbertson
Drinking with the Oles and a T-Pain teapot: "Sproncert" through the decades. By Fiona Casey
Meet the Carl who majored in Russian and ended up translating 'Parasite:' A conversation with Darcy Paquet '95. By Zoe Pharo
"It's okay if you stop and think": COVID in the Classroom, Part Two. By Greta-Hardy Mittell
No defense for the indefensible. By Jack Coyne
Lessons learned from David Fincher, my phone, and the Zucc. By Jacob Isaacs
Tom Brady and the apolitical leader. By Louis Stein
Jon Olson and the "Carleton Bubble." By Jacob Smith
Cedar apple rust fungus in the Arb. By Alex Leonettic for the Cole Student Naturalists


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The Carletonian, “The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian | May 31,” Carleton Covid-19 Archive, accessed October 30, 2020,