The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian | April 3

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The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian | April 3


This newsletter includes all the weekly articles published by The Carletonian, as well as a few features geared towards the fact that the majority of Carls are off-campus. File includes newsletter and full articles. Found online at:

ITS prepares for online classes by training faculty, providing computers to students. By Zoe Pharo and Katy Gilbertson
College pushes for asynchronous Spring term classes to prevent Internet, time zone inequities. By Greta Hardy-Mittell
Carleton staff rush to keep up with evolving COVID-19 guidelines--and keep campus running. By Ellie Zimmerman
In 1918, the Flu pandemic arrived at Carleton; students were quarantined--on campus. by Miles Allen and Zoe Pharo
Making the most of education beyond Carleton. By Jacob Isaacs
Love in the age of COVID. By Jack Coyne
Remote systems can help support students' mental health. By Carolyn Wood
A case for mandatory S/CR/NC. By Julie Bailard
Departments adapt to online learning. By Jack Brown
Professors to offer Spring-term classes via TikTok. By Katy Gilbertson
Now is not the time for satire. By Jack Brown


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The Carletonian, “The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian | April 3,” Carleton Covid-19 Archive, accessed October 30, 2020,