The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian | April 10

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The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian | April 10


This newsletter includes all the weekly articles published by The Carletonian, as well as a few features geared towards the fact that the majority of Carls are off-campus. File includes newsletter and full articles. Found online at:

Division Street eateries adapt to changing COVID-19 policies. By Grace Rubin and Katy Gilbertson
Students organize GoFundMe campaign to support first-generation and low-income peers. By Natalie Sainz and Ellie Zimmerman
Class of 2024 sees higher acceptance rate, larger proportion of early decision admits. By Ross Matican
COVID-19 sees business impact throughout the college. By Ross Matican and Beck Woollen
Admissions office shifts to online approach for welcoming accepted students. By Sarah Newsham
Gov. Walz addresses Minnesotans on COVID-19, stay-at-home extended to May 4. By Amelia Broman
Divides: perspectives from a ten-person funeral. By Yoni Rekem
The danger of comparing national tragedies. By Nicole Collins.
The Memo: A podcast from the Carletonian. By Zoe Denckla and Grace Rubin
Cultivating workspaces in childhood bedrooms. By Naomi Lopez


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The Carletonian, “The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian | April 10,” Carleton Covid-19 Archive, accessed October 30, 2020,