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Covid Archive Term Assignment.pdf
This document lays out the expectations for the course Historians for Hire. It discusses uploading items to the Carleton Covid-19 Archive, tasks for each week, and due dates for assignments.

Detailed Explanation of Each Assignment for Historians for Hire.pdf
This document describes the four main assignments for the course Historians for Hire. The four ongoing assignments are a weekly personal journal, blog posts, items uploaded to the archive, and a group project log updated weekly.

Hist200_Reflections for Spring 2020 final.pdf
The typical end of term reflection for Historians for Hire was adapted to reflect the ways the course differed from its typical format. Students are asked to reflect on the skills they've developed and the impact of their experience.

This document lays out the metadata framework created for the Carleton Covid-19 Archive, based on the JOTPY metadata framework.

omeka exhibit draft assignment.pdf
This document outlines an assignment which asked students to curate the items they have uploaded into an exhibit on the archive platform.
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