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Collection of window signs at the Rare Pair clothing store in Northfield, MN urging people to wear masks.

Sign in store on Division Street in Northfield, MN thanking the community for its business

A sign at All Saints Episcopal Church in Northfield, MN reminding people to maintain 6 feet social distance.

The signboard of Grand Events Center in Northfield says "Wash Your Hands - Mom said so." It calls on Northfield community to wash their hands in order to stay healthy.

My landlord and his wife had a baby girl and celebrated by decorating their front step and yard with balloons and a sign welcoming their new baby.

Signs at the entrance to the Northfield Public Library provide instructions for using the library during the pandemic, including no contact pick up.

An award given to animals that are helping people during Covid-19. Therapy animals and helping animals had to change the way they bring comfort and care to people. The way we do our visits is completely changed. Animals play an important role in…

This Assisted Living facility really highlighted gratitude to the healthcare workers, both in this sign by the front door, and in a massive sign on the side of the main building.

This is the front door of the Three Links residential elder care center in Northfield. Look at the mix of signals: the friendly, loving window art behind the sign explaining why people can't come in. To me, this captures the poignancy of the loss of…

This is a collage I made towards the start the pandemic. When I make a collage I take images I've collected from magazines and other sources and spread them out, picking images that speak to me in that moment. Then I just see what works together,…
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