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This is a collage I made towards the start the pandemic. When I make a collage I take images I've collected from magazines and other sources and spread them out, picking images that speak to me in that moment. Then I just see what works together, and what compositions are appealing and strike a cord. The two images that are a part of this collage came out to me, and worked well together. It was sort of a shock that that was what I created that day, as I wasn't planning on making a collage about the pandemic. It's also ironic, given that I was looking for toilet paper in town and couldn't find any (as many people couldn't, after stopping at multiple stores).

I think it's important, in that it highlights something I think many who lived through it will remember: the initial panic and the resulting lack of basic material needs in stores as many stocked up on them.


Elizabeth Lenora Black


25 March 2020


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cut paper images and cellophane

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creator is staff at Carleton




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