Parents & Elders

While COVID-19 impacted everyone, elderly people experienced a unique challenge due to their decreased access to and understanding of technology. The silences received from the elderly population as we attempted to record their experiences speaks volumes by illustrating their inability to connect with others. While everyone was advised to isolate and quarantine, many people were able to remain virtually engaged and connected with peers. This was often not the case for the eldely. Parents, though, also faced the unique challenge of trying to keep their children engaged from home. This resulted in a lot of chaotic times and confusion from what felt like suddenly being thrown into a homeschooling environment where there was no transition time.

Alaskan Requests for Emergency Hunts

Alaskan Requests for Emergency Hunts to combat food shortages in spring 2020

While seniors and families have struggled due to isolation, and at times increased poverty or food insecurity due to the economic crisis, they are also dealing with a loss of important intergenerational connections. Families that rely on grandparents for child care may no longer have that option, and multi-generational households are at a higher risk for exposing vulnerable family members to the disease. With schools closed parents have had to adapt to teaching without the aid of educators, but also without the assistance and wisdom of elders who are often instrumental in teaching and caring for young children in particular.