As we bring this project to its end in June, 2020, we remain in the midst of the pandemic and many unanswered questions about the future. While we wrestle with the day to day challenges of the pandemic and a national reckoning with racism and police violence, many are beginning to think about the long term effects of this year and consider how this year may alter our national path. For students, some of these changes are already appearing as colleges and universities begin to discuss closing their doors for good and school districts across the country are enduring massive budget cuts in the wake of the economic crisis. As school years end across the country, there are questions about when or if students will return in the Fall and what classes might look like when they do come back. With over 110,000 deaths in the United States alone at this time, we remain unsure when this pandemic will end, or how the lives of children, elders, teachers, families, and community members will have changed when it does. 

The Future of the University of Alaska Southeast

For many institutions of higher education, the pandemic, its economic consequences, and future uncertainty have left them scrambling for new ways forward