Teaching, Learning, and Living Remotely at Carleton College

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Teaching, Learning, and Living Remotely at Carleton College


Items that speak to the experience of teaching, learning, working, and living at a small liberal arts college during the pandemic.


Elizabeth Budd



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My Classroom at Home
I sit at a table in our kitchen for schoolwork. I tune into lectures and do homework here due to the movement of Carleton classes into an online format as a result of COVID-19. I read and complete problem sets on a computer more than normal.

Finding Joy in the Little Things
Even though I was unable to return home after Carleton switched to remote learning due to COVID-19, I have tried to make the best out of my new life with my host family. We started spring term off the right way, taking a traditional back to school…

A video addressing the strange nature of Spring Term 2020 at Carleton and reaffirming the college's support of students.

Virtual CGRS Roundtable
This screenshot shows the participants of the Virtual CGRS Roundtable on "Responding to Pandemics, from the Middle Ages to the Present", moderated by David Tompkins. The roundtable included Victoria Morse, Seungjoo Yoon, Amna Khalid, and William…

Carleton Minecraft Server
The Carleton Minecraft server was started by Lucas Demetriades to provide members of the Carleton community with an opportunity to recreate their beloved places on Carleton's Campus.

Bringing Carleton Back Home With Me
I hung up pictures of my favorite Carleton study spots on the cork board above my desk. This allows me to remain connected to Carleton and less lonely when I picture myself in those spots doing work.

MARS Spring Symposium
On May 29th at 5 pm CST a group of students and faculty who are associated with the Medieval Arts and Reinassince Studies Minor, organized a short round table discussion over several projects conducted by students over this past year.

Humanities Center Student Research Partner (SRP) awards for 2020
The Humanities Center awarded three grants, however two of the projects that were funded will not be conducted during the summer of 2020 and instead will be pushed back to 2021.

An introductory video by Carleton Professor Julia Strand to her remote spring course, Sensation and Perception. "This is an intro video for students taking a newly online version of Sensation & Perception (Psyc220) at Carleton College, spring…

Carleton Professor Daniel Groll's introductory video to his remote spring term course, Medical Ethics, a play on Julia Strand's introductory video.Youtube description: "The camera really DOES make you look different! An intro video for my PHIL 222…
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