ER and Surgery During a Pandemic

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ER and Surgery During a Pandemic


The first photo is of me in the ER wearing a mask. The second photo I took outside the Avera St. Mary's Hospital in Pierre, SD at the drive in covid testing site. The two nurses who gave me my covid test can be seen walking away. The third photo is of me in the hospital about to go in for surgery with my mom, Michelle Lees, masked up next to me. This shows a little bit of the new reality of needing medical care in a pandemic era and the extra steps involved. I was lucky my mom was able to be with me at all for both the ER visit and the surgery as that had only begun being allowed the week before my ER visit. One of the nurses helping me made a point to tell me how nice it was to see my mom with me as it had been really hard for them to watch patients struggle in the previous months without anyone they cared about there to help them through things.


Marcella Lees


Photo 1: May 26, 2020
Photo 2: June 12, 2020
Photo 3: June 16, 2020



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Marcella Lees, “ER and Surgery During a Pandemic,” Carleton Covid-19 Archive, accessed December 3, 2020,