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  • Collection: Visualizing the Pandemic

An assignment for students to create a visualization about the COVID-19 pandemic.

This visualization looks at Covid-19 cases in Hubei Province in China from January to April 2020. The graph shows the total number of cases, those recovered, and those who died, all cumulatively.

This visualization explores the connection between pandemic response (and impact) and presidential voting patterns. Looking at rates of cases per 100,000 people and election results from the 2016 presidential election, the visualization shows how…

This visualization explores differences in infection numbers and social practices between April and October 2020. By October 2020 precautions to slow the virus were lessening as things began to open back up, despite higher than ever numbers of new…

This visualization discusses "flattening the curve," showing how slowing transmission with lockdowns and other health precautions gives time for healthcare infrastructure to prepare and spreads out the patients.
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