Contribution Terms of Service

You retain the rights to materials you have created and submitted to this archive. However, your submission grants this archive, and subsequent holding institutions, the right to use your materials in non-commercial settings with proper attribution.

Unless expressly selected on the form or requested to be sealed, all items submitted to this archive will, or may be, publicly available online. Materials submitted will ultimately be housed in the Carleton College Archives, the Rice County Historical Society Archives, the Northfield-Rice County Digital History Collection, and/or the Journal of the Plague Year Archive run out of Arizona State University.

Emails are collected through the contribution form to validate submissions, but we will never share these addresses. The form provides you the option to keep your identity private, which then suppresses the connection between your account and the materials submitted. However, any fields entered in the form will still be visible, so if you wish to remain entirely anonymous leave the creator/contributor fields blank as appropriate. Furthermore, be aware that your account will be visible regardless to site administrators.

The submission of personal and private materials on this site must be done with the knowledge and consent of the parties involved. If something by you or of you has been submitted without your approval, please contact us so we can remove it.

We strive for accuracy in all materials preserved and presented here. If you made a mistake in a submission or notice any inaccurate information, please contact us so we can remedy it.

Updated April 24, 2020