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Personal Stories


Personal stories from people in their own words. Some of the stories are from members of the Carleton submitted in response to certain questions. Other interviews were collected and include both Carleton community members and beyond.

Collection Items

A Carleton Student's Story
Oral history provided by a current Carleton student regarding their individual and family experience in quarantine due to COVID-19.

Testimony From a Student Still On Campus
A current Carleton student tells their experience of living on campus.

Carleton Student's Experience Being An Only Child In Quarantine
Current Carleton student explains how quarantine has impacted her personal relationships.

Student's Experience Being Away From Friends and Campus Life
This item is a mini interview with a current Carleton student, addressing both positive and negative aspects of this pandemic and how relationships have been impacted.

Experiences of a Teenage Nursing Home Assistant
This mini interview details a high schooler's experience continuing to work in a nursing home during the pandemic. This interview highlights her relationships with the residents, precautions being taken to remain safe, and her personal enjoyment…

Spring Term as a Senior in Quarantine
In this interview, a senior explains current life in Northfield and addresses her mindset shift regarding the end of her Carleton experience.

Interview with Win Wen Ooi (Transcription)
A transcription of an interview with a Malaysian student at Carleton College staying on campus (Win Wen Ooi)

An Interview with a Chinese student at Carleton College staying on campus (Wenxuan He)
A transcription of an interview with Wenxuan He, a Chinese Carleton student who stayed on campus during spring 2020.

First Year Cut Short: A Carleton Student's Experience
This interview of a current first year at Carleton touches on the difficulties of learning via technology and lacking in person connections that many students take for granted. Additionally, this student explains her family dynamics and others she…

Lucas Demetriades Interview (Transcription)
This is a transription of an interview with Lucas Demetriades '22. The interview covers Lucas's thoughts about the pandemic and the history of Carleton's Minecraft server.
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