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Troubles Returning to Oman
This interview touches on difficulties travelling internationally during the pandemic and the strain it puts on families attempting to reunite.

These videos show how empty the airports and planes were during this student's travel back to Oman.

Face mask and hat with face shield worn for cross-country flight
Margaret Lachman, a Carleton student, flew from New York to San Francisco in June. Her family asked her to wear an N-95 and a face shield on the flight to ensure she was protecting herself as much as possible and comply with Delta Airlines' mandatory…

Road Trip Back Home
In this interview, a Carleton student explains her experience driving back to Nevada from Carleton at the end of winter term.

This is a small collection of images and videos from student's road trip home after winter term. States driven through were Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and California.

Self Diagnosis Mobile App Installation Instructions
As Carleton moved online classes for 2020 spring term, I left for South Korea on March 20th. As soon as I arrived at LA airport, I was asked to install self diagnosis mobile app before getting to Incheon Airport. I had to update my health condition…

Family Road Trip From Illinois to New Jersey
My family drove from Illinois to New Jersey, passing through Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania along the way, for our annual week long family vacation in Avalon, NJ. Fortunately, we usually drive to NJ, so we are used to long road trips, but this time…

Masks Required at Rest Stations
Signs outside and inside rest stations in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania requiring masks and social distancing.

Jersey Shore Signs
On my vacation in Avalon, New Jersey, I found many signs requiring masks and social distancing, often in creative ways.
1. Sign depicting social distancing by equivocating six feet to the length of a dolphin.
2. Sign requiring masks outside of…
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