Generational Disparities

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Generational Disparities


Jacob Bransky, Rebecca Hicks, McLain Sidmore


June 1, 2020

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Alaskan Requests for Emergency Hunts
An article from Alaska Public Media on requests from various Alaskan communities, tribal organizations, and individuals to the Federal Office of Subsistence Management that they be allowed to hunt this spring to make up food shortages caused by the…

Messages for Students and Teachers at Sayeik: Gastineau Elementary School, Juneau, Alaska
Teachers from Sayeik: Gastineau Elementary School have left posters on their classroom windows with big, colorful pictures and messages of love for their students to see from the road. Students and families have responded by creating their own…

Morel Hunting
The photo features Sarah, age 8, spending the day hunting for morels with her family. When asked Sarah said, "we're outside so much more now. . . I didn't know we could find food." Her parents are taking this opportunity to not only prioritize…

Terrariums as Meditation
Isabella Hurley, age 19, has found both a new hobby and a new means of coping through terrarium creation. When I spoke to her about it, she said "it's like building a little planet. I get so caught up in planning each detail and arranging them, that…

Preparing for the Summer
Daniel Quintero, age 23, has found a lot of positives within the COVID-19 pandemic. He was optimistic during the interview and emphasized the value he's found living on a farm.
"I think if this hadn't happened, I wouldn't be able to be living on a…

Life After People
Brooklyne Hurley, age 22, has found COVID-19 to cause a lot of reflection for her. When asked how she was entertaining herself, she said "I've mostly just been painting." The piece featured above was inspired by Brooklyne wondering "what would life…

Teacher's Perspective
Amanda Keen, a teacher in rural WV, shares her experiences with COVID-19 and how it has impacted her family.

Whipped Coffee
Janie Sparks said "I've just been trying to make everything I come across. Most of them work out, but some of them are flops. I doesn't matter if i like 'em or not though, it's about filling time."

From Giving Care to Making Masks
Mary Allen, of North Carolina, recounts what its like to go from providing care, to being unable to do so, to giving out homemade masks.

Ketchikan High School At-Home Activity Resources
A document created by the Ketchikan, AK Gateway Borough School District offering resources for high school students to continue learning amidst school closures. Many of the activities rely on online resources, but they also emphasize outdoor…
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