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A video addressing the strange nature of Spring Term 2020 at Carleton and reaffirming the college's support of students.

Zoom 4_22_2020 5_06_18 PM.png
This screenshot shows the participants of the Virtual CGRS Roundtable on "Responding to Pandemics, from the Middle Ages to the Present", moderated by David Tompkins. The roundtable included Victoria Morse, Seungjoo Yoon, Amna Khalid, and William…

teachers perspective.pdf
Amanda Keen, a teacher in rural WV, shares her experiences with COVID-19 and how it has impacted her family.

Barefoot Online Classes .png
An update from Barefoot Dance Center to students/families about the impending shift to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Daniele describes her experience with the coronavirus and how it has affected her.

Alyson Testimony.pdf
Alyson describes three stories about how the coronavirus impacted her life.

Interview (2).pdf
This item is a mini interview with a current Carleton student, addressing both positive and negative aspects of this pandemic and how relationships have been impacted.

Talking and Sharing with Kids and Families on Covid-19 YT gov.pdf
A letter from the government of the Yukon to families outlining ways for them to speak to children and cope with both the medical and emotional needs of Covid-19. It offers ideas and techniques for normalizing lives and homeschooling students of…
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