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For employees unable to complete all their work hours because of the Minnesota Stay at Home order, a new pandemic pay code was created for those in this situation. This document provides details on the pay code and how to use it on the online hours…

Updates on Carleton's use of funding received through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) as part of the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security). The website includes updates on how the funding is being distributed,…

Coworker Photo Contest.pdf
With the sudden transition to remote work (work from home), jokes circulated online of people calling their pets "coworkers." Carleton faculty and staff were invited to submit photos of their new "coworkers," and the images were compiled in this…

The family said that the inspiration for this photo was to represent what it felt like when the mother returned from work every evening.

Continuing Student Learning at Home YT gov April 22.pdf
A letter from the Government of Yukon offering ideas, resources, and potential lessons for students and families to continue education during school closures. The letter offers numerous ideas for students of all ages, including on-line resources, and…

Email to Carleton faculty and staff reminding them of best practices for information security while working from home.

Covid Support Remote Work-ITS.png
Resources and links on Carleton's ITS website to help with working, teaching, and learning remotely.
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