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Suggestions and information about support available to faculty and staff as they work and teach from home. The page includes information on equipment and software, wifi and security, and more.

Information and guidance for supervisors on managing their team while everyone is working remotely. The page includes resources and suggestions to make remote work successful.

A page on the Human Resources site that provides staff with guidance for remote work, discussing topics such as creating a workspace and other ways to make working remotely more successful.

This document provides instruction for exempt employees (paid monthly) on how to report missed work time online that is related to being infected with Covid-19 or under quarantine due to exposure to Covid-19.

For employees unable to complete all their work hours because of the Minnesota Stay at Home order, a new pandemic pay code was created for those in this situation. This document provides details on the pay code and how to use it on the online hours…

A document outlining best practices for employees needing to work on campus. It was replaced by the COVID-19 Back to Campus Preparedness Plan as of 7/23/2020.

A document with information for staff about remote work. It includes the expectations, responsibilities of staff, and more. The document was linked from "Remote Work" page on the Human Resources website.

Updates on Carleton's use of funding received through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) as part of the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security). The website includes updates on how the funding is being distributed,…
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