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Minnesota State Academies Distance Learning Plan.pdf
A plan put out by the Minnesota State Academies for the Deaf and the Blind that details how distance learning will be implemented for students in the first month of school closures. It highlights ways in which the schools will work to continue to…

British Columbia Education Week Letter.pdf
An opinion piece by the British Columbia Minister of Education celebrating Education Week and shining a light on the work that school staff have put into the transition to distance learning. He highlights various programs teachers are putting…

Carleton's Human Resources office posted this creative bingo card on their page about remote work during the pandemic, with the caption, "Team building game for video calls." As many people transitioned to remote work, video calls became the new…

interview (4).pdf
This interview of a current first year at Carleton touches on the difficulties of learning via technology and lacking in person connections that many students take for granted. Additionally, this student explains her family dynamics and others she…

Study Spaces.JPG
I hung up pictures of my favorite Carleton study spots on the cork board above my desk. This allows me to remain connected to Carleton and less lonely when I picture myself in those spots doing work.

Lucas Interview.pdf
This interview provides an oral history testimony about Lucas's thoughts about the pandemic and the history of Carleton's Minecraft server.

interview- (1).pdf
In this interview, a Carleton student reflects on what they miss about life at school, the benefits of solidarity, their privilege (stable family), other students' losses, connections to previous historic events, and explains their father's role as…
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