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This sign, located outside of Edward's Hospital in Naperville, Illinois, thanks medical staff and first responders for all their tireless work and dedication.

Signage noting the closure of playground due to COVID-19 taped onto signage describing the "normal" restrictions to access

Signage notifying the public that the Blessed Sacrament playground school is closed until further notice - with statue of Mary in the foreground.

Signpost describing closure of Lowell School's (private K-8 school in Washington DC) playground

Signage created by Montgomery County (Maryland) on measures to take to prevent transmission of COVID-19

Window Decor at Corner Market & Pharmacy in Silver Spring, MD thanking customers for their continued business.

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Door signage at a local Chevy Chase, MD supermarket that outlines the new health precautions taken by the establishment

Signage at the Olympia Café in Chevy Chase, MD outlining the restaurant's new health policies.

Vassar Farms 5:23:20.jpg
Public signage at Vassar Farms requesting that visitors practice social distancing and emphasizing that everyone must "do their part" for the good of the community.
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