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An email to Carleton faculty and staff regarding the college's ongoing response to the pandemic.

Most students have already left the campus. It was the first Friday in the spring term. Friday flower became such a "normal" weekly event on campus, but not now. None of the students would expect these flowers on that day, and even students on campus…

Interview-Carleton Student On Campus.pdf
A current Carleton student tells their experience of still living on campus.

This is a picture of a breakfast of the quarantine life on campus. Students can get breakfast every morning between 7:30 am and 10:00 am in Sayles-Hill. There are also options of vegetarian menu, boiled eggs, yogurt, and so on. Every staff wears a…

These are photos of a beaver taken near the Lyman Lakes on campus. It's extremely rare to see beavers on campus due to people. However, because of the much fewer number of people on campus, the photographer for the first time came across this small…

During the spring break and the spring term until May 3rd, only Burton Hall functioned as a dining hall on campus. All the tables were reorganized to keep more than two meters between students while they are having meals.

From May 4th, LDC started to function as a dining hall again instead of Burton Hall. Likewise the Burton Hall, all the tables were reorganized to keep more than two meters between students.

From May 19, 2020, LDC dining hall started a new sanitizing system as shown in the image. A plastic card with a green color on the front and red on the back is put on each table. Students are supposed to use tables with green sided cards and they…

Some face shields of several sizes are hanged on the wall of Carleton Class of 1969 Makerspace. They are made with the use of 3D printers.
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