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This sign located outside of a Target in Naperville, Illinois explains that masks are required inside the store.

This sign, located outside of Edward's Hospital in Naperville, Illinois, thanks medical staff and first responders for all their tireless work and dedication.

Sara Interview Video-46.m4v
This is an interview with Sara Liu who lived at home with her family in Glenview, Illinois for the entire term.

(She/Her/Hers/class of 2022/Psychology and French/ Glenview, IL/Glenview, IL)

Maverick Swim Club released these guidelines for returning to the pool and practicing starting June 2020. In this document, the club team lays out measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, applying to both the coaches and swimmers. These protocols…

Laura reached out to her community via Facebook, asking for people to "buy" old puzzles and games! All of the profits went to Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry in Aurora, Illinois.

I created this sign and brought it to two protests in Naperville, Illinois, demanding change and police reform after the killing of George Floyd and so many others at the hands of the police.

In this image, Natalie Lafferty, a Carleton student, is waiting for her temperature to be taken before entering practice. This requirement is part of Maverick Swim Club's protocol and plan for returning back to practice after a long quarantine.

Nicole Interview Video-1.m4v
This is an interview with Nicole Connell who lived with her family in Evanston, Illinois for the entire term.

(She/Her/Hers/class of 2020/History/ Evanston, IL/ Evanston, IL)

Written Story.pdf
This is a brief written story about Nicole's experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
(She/Her/Hers/class of 2020/History/ Evanston, IL/ Evanston, IL)

Max Bremer Video-36.m4v
An interview with current Carleton senior, Max Bremer.
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