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1. My brother came up from San Francisco, and he brought his dog with him. We became fast friends

"A few days ago I was walking around campus with a friend, one of my closest friends freshman year who has remained a good friend, one last time before she moved home. We'd been sitting behind Evans looking out at Bell Field and talking. As we were…

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1. I included this tree because it represents a sense of displacement that allowed me to not miss something for the first time. My parents moved into this house my freshman year at Carleton and I never realized this tree on our porch…

Written Story.pdf
This is a brief written story about Nicole's experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
(She/Her/Hers/class of 2020/History/ Evanston, IL/ Evanston, IL)

Written Story (1).pdf
This is a brief written story about Nicolas' experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

(He/Him/His/class of 2023/Undecided/Boulder, CO/Boulder, CO)

Written Story.pdf
This is a brief story about Max's experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

(He/Him/His/class of 2020/Computer Science/Chicago, IL/Holland, MI)

"I came home on the 17th of March, spent one night in my childhood home, and I immediately drove to Eastern Washington, where I've been staying at my parents cabin. The cabin is on a sixteen acre plot, so it's safe to say that I did not see a lot of…

"Looking at my camera roll, the lack of pictures, particularly pictures of people, is an accurate depiction of what is being missed during the pandemic. I live a few miles outside of the Black Hills National Forest so hiking has been a reprieve from…

"I’ve attached a photo of my room the day that I packed it up to go home. I found out the night before my last day through the Coronavirus FAQ page on the Carleton website that I was expected to pack up my belongings. My roommate had already left by…

"The last week of school before we left sort of acted as a transition into the displacement I’d feel throughout the spring term. We packed up our room as though we were moving out, and I said goodbye to my roommate Lillian for the last time as…
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