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1. Zoom video call CSA meetings
2. Flowers in each campus mailbox
3. Zoom lectures
4. FaceTime with roommates
5. My new work space, the kitchen table
6. Empty bowls without my best friend, so I drew her in
7. Missing my siblings
8. FaceTiming…

Facebook event for Virtual Empty Bowls 2020.

A news story on Carleton Now about the upcoming Virtual Empty Bowls event. Text: "Carleton Ceramics will be hosting its 16th annual Empty Bowls community meal virtually on Friday, May 15. The event, traditionally held on campus, raises awareness…

A news item on the website of the Northfield Community Action Center's website about the event.Text: "For the past 16 years, Carleton Ceramics has hosted the annual Empty Bowls community meal on campus to raise awareness around hunger issues and…

An Instagram post from the Carleton Ceramics account sharing the news that there would be a virtual empty bowls event. Post text: "We’re cooking up a plan for Carleton’s 16th Annual Empty Bowls— online edition May 15! Get a handmade bowl from a…

The Instagram post giving the full planned details for the Virtual Empty Bowls event. Post text: "Carleton Empty Bowls 2020— pandemic edition! Use a ceramic bowl (preferably an Empty bowl from a previous year!) on Friday, post a picture to your…

Carleton Professor of English and American Studies Adriana Estil's Virtual Empty Bowls Instagram post. Post text: "My bowl isn't filled yet, but it will be soon in honor of #carletonemptybowls! Thanks to @carletonceramics and @northfieldcac for…

Ann Zawistoski '97 (and former Carleton librarian) posted on Instagram for empty bowls. Post text: "I have a lot of bowls from #carletonemptybowls to choose from. Miss getting to attend in person, but i enjoyed eating some noodles out of a pretty…

Instagram post from an account by Carleton students for empty bowls. Post text: "Today is what would have been one of Andrew and I ‘s favorite Carleton events, Empty Bowls, so in Honor of our tradition Andrew drew this very accurate description of me…

Professor of Studio Art at Carleton and Empty Bowls organizer Kelly Connole with her kids on the day of Virtual Empty Bowls 2020.

Post Text:
We’ve got our bowls at the ready! Join us today for a virtual Empty Bowls! Miss seeing all your…
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