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A document with suggestions to stay healthy and sane while working remotely. It discusses ways to create a designated workstation, how to try to prevent isolation, and more. It was linked from Wellness Tips for Remote Workers on the Human Resources…

This is the front door of the Three Links residential elder care center in Northfield. Look at the mix of signals: the friendly, loving window art behind the sign explaining why people can't come in. To me, this captures the poignancy of the loss of…

Welcome to Psyc220!-y_Y2t_WZMx4.mp4
An introductory video by Carleton Professor Julia Strand to her remote spring course, Sensation and Perception. "This is an intro video for students taking a newly online version of Sensation & Perception (Psyc220) at Carleton College, spring…

Collection of window signs at the Rare Pair clothing store in Northfield, MN urging people to wear masks.

Walt Interview Video-51.m4v
This is an interview with Walt Li who first moved into an Airbnb next to St Olaf and then spent the next part of the term in an apartment in Northfield.
(He/Him/His/class of 2022/Psychology/Guangzhou, China/Northfield, Minnesota) 

Written Story.pdf
This is a brief written story about Walt's experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

An annual on-campus event, the pandemic disrupted the Empty Bowls community meal to raise awareness and funds for Northfield's Community Action Center Food Shelf. Professor Kelly Connole, working with the Community Action Center and Carleton's Center…

A screenshot of a chat between two Carleton students. One remaining on campus receives a picture of cherry blossoms from the other back in Japan, his home country. The caption of the picture says "Virtual cherry blossom viewing!" which is a seasonal…

Zoom 4_22_2020 5_06_18 PM.png
This screenshot shows the participants of the Virtual CGRS Roundtable on "Responding to Pandemics, from the Middle Ages to the Present", moderated by David Tompkins. The roundtable included Victoria Morse, Seungjoo Yoon, Amna Khalid, and William…
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