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An email sent to Carleton faculty and staff about the impact of COVID-19 on travel during spring break and for OCS programs, urging caution for travel.

An email sent to Carleton faculty, staff, and students after the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Minnesota.

Teachers from Sayeik: Gastineau Elementary School have left posters on their classroom windows with big, colorful pictures and messages of love for their students to see from the road. Students and families have responded by creating their own…

An email to Carleton faculty and staff announcing the cancellation of College-sponsored spring break travel, encouraging all employees to defer work-related travel, and strongly discouraging international travel.

An email to Carleton faculty and staff following up on the previous day's email on the possibility of quarantining following travel.

An email announcement sent to faculty, staff, and students informing them that the college would have remote instruction for at least the first half of Spring Term 2020.

An email to Carleton faculty and staff regarding the college's ongoing response to the pandemic.

Email sent to Carleton faculty and staff about the impact of the stay at home order on their work.

Email sent to members of the Carleton community regarding the decision to offer all spring courses as S/CR/NC only.

A video addressing the strange nature of Spring Term 2020 at Carleton and reaffirming the college's support of students.
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