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Window Decor at Corner Market & Pharmacy in Silver Spring, MD thanking customers for their continued business.

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Signs marking a child's zoo-themed birthday party.

My landlord and his wife had a baby girl and celebrated by decorating their front step and yard with balloons and a sign welcoming their new baby.

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Denizens Brewing Company, a Silver Spring, MD brewery announced that it is beginning contactless alcohol deliveries. Their website outlines the logistics of these deliveries, and how they hope to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Door signage at a local Chevy Chase, MD supermarket that outlines the new health precautions taken by the establishment

Signage at the Olympia Café in Chevy Chase, MD outlining the restaurant's new health policies.

Zaya Vijil Video-54.m4v
This is an interview with Zaya Vijil who lived with two alumni in Minneapolis, MN.
(He/Him/His/class of 2022/Studio Art/New Mexico/Minneapolis, MN) 

First photo: Socially distanced Thai food car circle party with some friends.
Second photo: The midnight sun(set) at 3am.
Third photo: Staying at a friend's dry cabin out in the middle of nowhere Alaska.
(She/Her/Hers/class of 2022/Political…

Yuki Interview-53.m4v
This is an interview with Yuki Nagaoka who lived with her family in Fairbanks, Alaska for the entire term.
(She/Her/Hers/class of 2022/Political Science/International Relations/Fairbanks, Alaska/Fairbanks, Alaska)  
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