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Carleton Campus Communications


Emails sent to members of the Carleton community regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the College.

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Northfield Elders


Images and reflections on the experiences of elder residents of Northfield will seek to capture their particularly challenging circumstances.

Contributors: Susannah Ottaway

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Historical Pandemics at Carleton

Influenza Updates - May 1, 2009

A collection of materials relating to Carleton's responses to and experiences of epidemics and pandemics in the past.

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Amanda's Moore COVID-19 Photograph Sessions


A local photographer offered to capture family experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic while following social distancing guidelines

Contributors: Rebecca Hicks

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Carleton Campus Visual Collection


Photographs that were taken on the Carleton campus during the pandemic.

Contributors: Carleton College community members

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Northfield Community Photos


Photos from in and around Northfield during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Virtual Empty Bowls 2020


An annual on-campus event, the pandemic disrupted the Empty Bowls community meal to raise awareness and funds for Northfield's Community Action Center…

Contributors: Elizabeth Budd

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